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His unmatched perspective of hours spent on his music pursuing a life-long dream is present through his impeccable music and on stage performance.


Gareth James has been in the music industry for 17 years and only at the age of 35 is he ready to share his love and passion of country music with the world, with doors opening and closing, Gareth James has found himself exploring new territory.


With his innovative fusion of country, rock, pop genre, Gareth James is proving himself as a once-in-a-generation force of change in modern music, Gareth James is far from done pushing the envelope.

A humble but passionate advocate for South African alternative country music, Gareth James has introduced us to something that has long been calling from our own hearts: a sound that transcends the sultriest bar and conjures up that endless ribbon of open road that everyone of us wants to drive at least once in a life time. He evokes the dream that ends where you want it to and lands in your lap, your love fulfilled. He asks the questions that have burned inside you all your life. That’s because he carries a cross for music: Gareth started his career in rock, his transition to country brought on two years of anguish in which he waited for the break of day: Gareth James is a man who shares his place in the light because he has done his time in the dark. This is an album which says the day is here.

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